NPT Long Distance Plans

NPT Basic Long Distance
9¢ min
You get a simple, 9¢ a minute rate for all USA Long Distance – in state, out of state including the lower 48 states, Canada, Alaska & Hawaii.
No monthly fees, no hidden charges or other dirty tricks.
NPT Long Distance + 1 additional NPT Service
8¢ min
Save even more - get our 8¢ a minute rate when you combine multiple services throughout all of the US and Canada.
No monthly fees, no hidden charges.
NPT Long Distance + 2 additional NPT Service
7¢ min
Take two and save. Get 7¢ a minute calling in the US and Canada when you have two other services from NPT. You may already qualify for this rate.
No monthly fees, no hidden charges.
NPT Long Distance + 3 additional NPT Service
6¢ min

Our best deal. 6¢ minute for all calls in the US and Canada. One bill, one number to call for any questions about your service. NPT protects your privacy and we don't sell lists! As always, no monthly fees, no hidden charges.

* Qualifying NPT Service include: NPT Telephone exchange service, NPT DSL NPT 800 Service, Brightnet Internet, Quality Cablevision Cable TV or Cable modem service.

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