NPT Long Distance FAQ's

Calling overseas or away from home?

Save even more on your international calls! We have economical prepaid international calling cards with the lowest rates you'll find. You can also use them for budget calling by students or when you travel. Our prepaid cards make calling anytime, anywhere simple, quick and easy.
I'll bet the billing is hard to understand...
Nope, it's all in one place, with just one check to write. Get as many services as you want on your NPT bill! Local, long distance, Brightnet Internet service or Quality Cablevision cable all in one place, making it quick and easy to understand.
I saw a cheap plan that didn't have any monthly fee...
Then ask the provider this question: Will my name, address and phone number be sold on a mailing list or to telemarketers? Do you want your private information sold to marketers? New Paris Telephone respects your privacy, and will never sell your name, address or phone number.
I'm never sure who my long distance company is. How do I tell?
That's easy too. Just dial 1+ 700-555-4141. There is no charge for this call. You'll hear a recording that tells you our provider is connected to your line. The recording will say:

"Welcome to Sprint's long distance services: 51-5 4 0."

New Paris Long Distance is powered by Sprint long distance.

I saw a cheaper rate...
You may have, but check the fine print. Are there two different rates for in state and out of state calls? Is there a monthly plan cost? Most homes have 120 minutes of long distance a month. One 'low cost' plan has a monthly minimum that makes your in state calls cost .17 cents a minute. That's no bargain.