NPT Custom Calling Features

Custom Calling services add extra flexibility to your telephone service without special equipment or a visit from an installer. Whether you've a business or a home customer, one of our representatives can tell you all about custom calling services. There is no installation charch for custom calling services. Please contact New Paris Telelphone to install custom calling features.

Calling Feature
Price per month
Caller ID Name Only
Caller ID Name & Number
First Custom Calling Feature
Each Additional Custom Calling Feature
How to use Calling features
Feature To enable or disable press:
Active Automatic Recall *66 or 66#
Cancel Automatic Recall *86 or 86#
Automatic Call Back *69 or 69#
Active Selective Call Forwarding *63 or 63#
Cancel Selective Call Forwarding *83 or 83#
Call Forwarding Busy No Dial Code
Call Forwarding No Answer No Dial Code
Active Selective Call Rejection *60 or 60#
Cancel Selective Call Rejection *80 or 80#
Activate Unidentified Call Rejection *77 or 77#
Cancel Unidentified Call Rejection *87 or 87#
Call Forwarding *72 or 72#
Cancel Call Forwarding *73 or 73#
Call Waiting *Flash
Caller ID Number Block No Dial Code
Cancel Call Waiting *70 or 70#
Caller ID Number Block *67
Caller ID Unbloack *82
Calling Name Delivery No Dial Code
Calling Number Delivery No Dial Code
Selective Call Acceptance *64 or 64#
Speed Call (8) *74 or 74#
Speed Call (30) *75 or 75#
Three-Way Calling *Flash
Selective Distinctive Alert *61 or 61#
Cancel Selective Distinctive Alert *81 or 81#
Voice Mail No Dial Code
Ident-a-Ring No Dial Code